We service International Truck Models MXT/CXT/RXT, TerraStar, MV, CityStar, DuraSTar, LoneStar, LT Series, RH Series, 9000 Series, ProStar, Transtar, HX Series, HV Series, PayStar, and WorkStar.

In addition to our awesome International Truck Repair services, we also stock a very large inventory of ready to ship International truck parts. Truck Repair Orlando stocks original equipment parts for the needed durability and quality for your next project or application. If you don’t see something, please give us a call and we will help you get the parts you need.  Browse through our extensive selection of big rig diesel truck drivetrain parts; with more than 25 warehouses across the U.S., everything is ready to go now!

International Truck Repair Orlando

We offer same-day shipping to get you back up and working in minimal time. Call today or contact our International truck specialist today.

We can also remove and replace or rebuild your transmission in our truck transmission shop in Orlando, saving you downtime and money. Our technicians have over 100 years of experience ready to serve you. Let us know how we can serve you.

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We service the following International Medium Duty Trucks:

  • International TerraStar Class 4-5 conventional
  • International CityStar LCF cab-over
  • CityStar CF500 CF600: The standard CityStar model
  • International DuraStar Class 6-7 conventional
    • 4100
    • 4300
    • 4400
    • 4300LP
    • 4400LP
  • Bus International
    • 3300
    • 3200 type-c
  • Class 8
  • International LoneStar conventional, Daycab,
  • LoneStar Harley
  • LoneStar Recovery tow truck
  • International ProStar conventional
  • International 9000 Series conventional
    • 9000
    • 9200i
    • 9400i
    • 9900i
    • 9900ix
  • International TranStar conventional
    • 8500
    • 8600 Severe service
  • International PayStar conventional
    • 5500
    • 5600
    • 5900 SFA
    • 5900
  • International WorkStar conventional
    • WorkStar 7300
    • Workstar 7400
    • WorkStar 7500
    • WorkStar 7600
    • WorkStar 7700
    • WorkStar